Permutation with repetition java

Finding all permutations of a String in a Java Program is a tricky question and asked many times in interviews. To get all the permutations, we will first take out the first char from String and permute the remaining chars. So we can write a recursive function call to return the permutations and then another function call to insert the first characters to get the complete list of permutations.

Nike web design

Richard richardshepherd is a UK based web designer and front-end developer. Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX. Perhaps one of the most talked about websites in the last 12 months has been Nike Better World. It is a website that has to be viewed in a browser preferably a latest-generation browser, although it degrades well rather than as a static image, because it uses JavaScript extensively to create a parallax scrolling effect.

Advanced blueprint reading

This introductory course provides a base level of knowledge in the reading and understanding of architectural and construction blueprints. This course is intended for true beginners, as it will provide a thorough exploration of the basic concepts required to read and understand construction drawings. Concepts and theories covered by this course will include, but are not limited to: orthographic projection; plans, elevations, sections, and details; symbols, line, dimensions, and notations; architectural and engineering scales; architectural, construction, and engineering drawings.

Spectrum on demand only showing previews

In this character-driven drama, a brilliant but haunted surgeon must sacrifice everything for the ones he loves by opening an underground clinic. This southern gothic mystery follows a prodigal son as he returns to his hometown and struggles to choose between his past and his future. Inspired by actual events, this true crime anthology series takes a deep dive into the dark, twisted minds of terrorists and follows the brave souls who hunt them down. Desperate to escape a city gripped in fear, an unexpected group gathers for a deadly street race where the winners are promised the ultimate prize - their freedom.